AR Punchbag is an iOS app designed for political stress relief in these challenging times. 


There are 4 steps to use AR Punchbag.

1 - Allow the app to use the camera on your iOS device.

2 - Move your iOS device in and out, left and right to detect a horizontal surface, like a floor or a table.  Use a surface with some texture so the app can find tracking features.

3 - The detected surface with show up as a translucent red rectangle on the surface.  To select a location for the virtual punching bag, tap a location within the red rectangle.

4 - The punching bag will appear, and the red rectangle should disappear.  Tap the punching bag to punch it, and swipe from the left or right to slap the punching bag.  Walk around it to strike it from any angle.  Get your frustrations out like you're a kid again. 

5 - As your punches and slaps accumulate, you’ll advance the punch meter in the upper right of the screen. When it hits 100%, it will trigger a Justice Alert. It commemorates a real world event that is a real blow to Donald Trump, and the punching bag will deflate and you move to the next level.

6 - After completing all the levels and Trump is deflated into oblivion, you can start over if you need more punching.

There is a Refresh toolbar button on the lower left of the screen. Tap this button to clear the punchbag and start detecting the ground in order to place the punchbag in a different location.

And, remember to vote on November 6, 2018!